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Dental Office Manager

Dental Office Manager Old Massett

Niislaa Naay Healing House Society
347 Eagle Ave, Old Massett
Third Staff
Low Noise
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Niislaa Naay Healing House Society is well funded and in the early stage of operating as an independent Society. Niislaa Naay services the community of Old Massett, as well the neighbouring communities. Niislaa Naay hosts many interactive community programs such as traditional wellness, mental health, community health, midwifery, maternal health, home care, youth services, dentistry, patient travel, and primary care services. Services are provided from three locations: the youth centre, wellness house, and the Niislaa Nay Healing House. Many programs that are offered have a land-based healing approach incorporating the culture and traditions of the Haida people.
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Job Description

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The Dental Office Manager ensures the efficient running of the dental office in accordance with established procedures and protocols.

Reports to the Health Director.

Wage/Salary: $63,700 - $81,900


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