What is BladeRunners?

BladeRunners is a 10-week training and personal growth program. This program will inspire participants to think creatively, design ideas, have the confidence to act, lead, and gain skills to succeed at post-secondary training.

BladeRunners includes:

  • Short Term Skills Training: Learn 2 Drive, SuperHost, First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, and FoodSafe.
  • Personal and Life Skills: Self-care, nutrition on a budget, personal budgeting, rights and responsibilities, and more.
  • Essential and Employment Skills: Communication, resumes, interview skills, vocabulary, numeracy, and more.
  • Special guests, 3D printing, creative activities, book club, and community engagement.
  • Participants will move into advanced training or employment upon completion of the program.
  • Additional Supports include lunch/food allowances, laptops for training, transportation funds, and success incentives.

Who should join?

  • People between the ages of 16 – 30.
  • People who are unemployed, under-employed, or precariously employed.
  • People facing barriers to further education and/or employment.
  • People thinking of going to college or returning to school.

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