Is not a cooking class. It’s a three day workshop is designed for individuals who have a passion for food preparation, but lack a foundation of knowledge and confidence to work in a commercial kitchen as a prep cook and or dishwasher.


  1. Government & Industry Standards
  • Food Handling Sanitation Course Preparation (Food Safe1 and or 2)
  • Comply with Legislation and Policies
  • Exhibit Professionalism
  1. Safety        
  • Outline Chemical Dangers
  • Work Safely
  • Follow Fire Safety Guidelines
  • Use of Knife Safely
  1. Kitchen Sanitation
  • Stationary equipment
  • Following safe cleaning practices
  1. Receiving and Storage of Goods
  • Receiving procedures
  • Storage procedure
  1. Tools of the Trade
  • Identify Tools and Equipment
  • Tools and Equipment Functions
  1. Terminology and Measurements
  • Kitchen terminology
  • Demonstrate the correct use of the Metric and Imperial / US measuring systems
  • Following recipes correctly
  1. G.   Food Preparation
  • Mise en place
  • Demonstration of basic vegetable and fruit preparation
  • Describe cutting and cooking techniques
  1. Cooking as a Career
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Apprenticeship
  • Journeyman- Interprovincial Red Seal