Superintendent – MASSET Jan 2022 (Full Time)






Who We Are:

Based in Tsawwassen since 1988 our Pure Construction Management business has grown to encompass projects valued from $1 million to $80 million. With an annual construction volume of $100 million we typically have fifteen to twenty projects in various stages of construction with a total construction value of over $250 million in progress and a similar amount in development.

Our Core Focus and Values:

Is to mitigate our client’s risk, maximize our client’s value, and exceed our client’s expectation by being client goal driven, Innovative, collaborative, concise, firm, fair and FUN.

What we are looking for:

As Unitech’s Superintendent you will be a resourceful, intelligent, confident and dedicated professional who is committed to building our clients trust through clarity and integrity. You will be a fair, fun and firm team player who will be the eyes and ears for our clients on our construction sites.

Critical Expectations:

  • Complete Care and Control of the Construction Site
  • Daily Reporting to Project Manager
  • Onsite Construction Professional
  • Onsite Resource Coordination
  • Expedite the Construction Schedule
  • Quality Control
  • Site Safety Assurance and WorkSafe Compliance
  • Client Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Project Progress Photography

Daily Tasks:

  • Ensure everyone, including you, is working safely on site and adhering to Unitech’s health and safety program and Work Safe standards and inform your direct supervisor of any discrepancies
  • Ensure your work is of the highest quality standards
  • Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of all workers on site.
  • Establish methods to meet work schedules and co-ordinate the work activities of all trades.
  • Resolve work problems and recommend work measures to improve productivity.
  • Review all revisions, changes and additions to trade contracts with trade contractors, the Project Manager and consultants.
  • Be alert to changes and potential problems, particularly those involving safety on the jobsite and adherence to regulations.
  • Ensure standards for safe working conditions are observed by all persons on site at all times.
  • Ensure Unitech’s Occupational Health and Safety Program is being followed throughout the project
  • Immediately notify the Project Manager and/or Health & Safety Administrator of ANY safety violations, WCB visits, accident reports, and corrective actions observed.
  • Ensure all documentation Unitech’s OH&S program requires is accurately completed and signed off by site personnel are faxed to the Project Manager immediately on signing.
  • Be responsible for hiring, wages rates, and promotions within the guidelines for site personnel established between Unitech (in coordination with the Project Manager) and the client.
  • Keep individual time sheets for each worker and fax to the Project Manager not later than first thing the morning following the end of the current pay period.
  • Plan and organizing on the job training as required during the progress of the work.
  • Work with the crew “on the tools” to impart efficient procedures and ‘the tricks of the trade’ whenever possible.
  • Requisition materials and supplies using Unitech’s standard site PO system for minor, site initiated purchases.
  • Verify all deliveries and turn over signed off packing slips to the Project Manager at appropriate intervals
  • Complete and send Unitech standard Daily Reports to the Project Manager not later than first thing the morning following.
  • Participate in monthly meetings with the Owner, Project Manager, Consultants, Trade Contractors to review the current work status and any action needed to keep the project within budget and on schedule.
  • Maintain all site files in accordance with Unitech’s standard site office filing system
  • Review and advised the Project Manager on all scheduling issues throughout construction.
  • Maintain a copy of the project schedule that shows the variation between actual start and finish dates for each scheduled activity.
  • When a Trade Contractor is directed to make changes based on unit costs, verify accuracy of quantities of material and labor via daily sign off of Trade Contractor’s work sheets.
  • Advise the Project Manager whether Trade Contract progress invoicing accurately represents progress of the work.
  • Ensure all construction materials, equipment, and supplies are in compliance with the contract documents, shop drawings, and submittals.
  • Ensure workmanship is in compliance with the approved plans, specifications, shop drawings and referenced standards
  • Ensure Trade Contractors have obtained the Consultant’s approval prior to covering or closeout of work.
  • Continuous monitoring of quality and coordination of Trade Contractors’ work.
  • Report any discrepancies noted in plans and specifications to the Project Manager and Consultant for clarification and resolution.
  • Fax copies of all site tests, inspections and reports to the Project Manager immediately on receipt.
  • Receive and log samples required to be furnished at the site, notify the Consultant when ready for examination, record the Consultant’s approval or other action and maintain custody of approved samples.
  • Ensure work does not begin before required shop drawings, product submittals, or samples have been approved by the Consultant
  • Report to the Project Manager when, in your judgment, the work being performed does not conform to the requirements of the Contract Documents or safety requirements are not being followed and, if necessary, suspend the work pending resolution.
  • Recommend to the Project Manager and Consultant ways to alleviate identified problems.
  • Preparation and issuing of standard Unitech Quality Control Review sheets recording any corrective action required of any Trade Contractor and when they need to be completed by.
  • Observe tests required by the Contract Documents, record test procedures and report results, to the Project Manager and Consultant.
  • Report to the project manager once weekly (Friday’s) the photo records of the current weeks’ work, as well as a schedule with the next weeks look ahead separated by work being done by the trades and work being done by Unitech’s Staff.
  • Ensure all as-built drawings are kept current.
  • Review Trade Contractor’s Record Drawings at appropriate intervals to ensure up-to date records are maintained.

Other Functions:

  • Other functions as required


  • Self-motivated, creative thinking, organized, and efficient
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal, leadership and team building skills.
  • Ability to work efficiently with a service-oriented attitude, courtesy, tact and diplomacy under stressful situations with constant interruption.
  • Maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
  • Minimum 5 years onsite construction experience.
  • Good working knowledge of current construction methods, materials, procedures, drawings, specifications and building codes.
  • Level 1 (minimum) First Aid certification and knowledge of Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS).
  • Budgeting and estimating skills (computer word processing and spreadsheet programs an asset).
  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality of employment and other designated information.
  • Ability to effectively manage time, responsibilities and priorities.
  • Proficient with computers, multifunctional processing units, telephones and faxes.
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office and skills in keyboarding.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Seismic upgrade experience and computer skills an asset

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or age.

About Us

We’re passionate about mitigating our clients risk, maximizing our clients value and exceeding our clients expectations More than windows and walls, your project is to be an environment that enhances the lives of people, whether it’s where they work, learn, live or play. You need a construction manager that shares your vision and enthusiasm for bringing it to life.

Unitech is passionate about collaborative construction and we incorporate it into every facet of every project each and every day. Our first priority on every project is to understand and adopt our client’s project specific goals and priorities and then factor those goals and priorities into every recommendation we make going forward. We don’t just work with our clients, we are their construction division, delivering their projects in accordance with their goals and in collaboration with their staff. Our systems and procedures were designed to respond to the owner’s project goals and priorities while at the same time minimizing the administrative load on their staff and maintaining complete budget and schedule transparency throughout. These systems and procedures provide the clear, concise information the owner needs to stay fully informed and in control of their project while we manage all the details.

As one of the most progressive construction companies in Western Canada, Unitech is dedicated to partnering with our clients to create high quality environments that put people first. From the outset of a project through to completion, we work as a focused part of our client’s team. We ensure you are heard, understood and informed every step of the way. We treat our client’s money as if it was our own, only allocating funds to the areas that are critical to achieving our client’s goals and priorities. It is the foundation of our corporate values and our entire organization lives and breathes it everyday.

How to Apply