Species at Risk Specialist (Full Time)


Council of the Haida Nation


Request for Proposal for Species at Risk Specialist – Stads K’un (Northern Goshawk) Contractor to Support Development of a Haida National Plan and a recovery strategy for Stad’s Kun

Background/Summary of the Opportunity

The Council of the Haida Nation, Heritage and Natural Resource Department is seeking a Species at Risk specialist – Stads K’un (Northern Goshawk) for a 9-month term to develop a clear, concise and practical National Plan and recovery strategy to safeguard the survival of Stads K”un (Northern Goshawk) on Haida Gwaii.

Invite Federal and Provincial government representatives to participate and lend their expertise with the understanding that CHN has a mandate through the annual HOA to preserve and recover this species.

This contract requires the applicant to develop an overarching project plan to determine the scope, roles and responsibilities, timelines and costs related to project components. And requires high levels of engagement and decision making that is guided by the Haida Stewardship Law.

Service Requirements

The contractor’s responsibilities will include

  • Work in collaboration with relevant Council of the Haida Nation departments
  • Apply traditional Haida knowledge, sound biology and the precautionary principal.
  • Initiate a CHN led Island based recovery team and strategy for Haida Gwaii Stads K’un. This would include forming a Stads K’un Technical Working Group with representatives from CHN, Federal and Provincial governments.  This group would could inform mandate, strategy, or resources for Stads K’un and prepare briefing notes for statutory decision makers.
  • Develop interim foraging habitat management strategy measures (lasting up to 1 year or so) to be applied while the recovery plan is developed.
  • The Stads K’un Technical working group would ensure a standard approach used for all habitat assessments, and to ensure those standards are delivered via training of all CFI and field crew from CHN to survey for goshawk and identify and rank goshawk foraging and nesting habitat.
  • Identify and manage enough breeding territories to ensure a viable breeding population of the Haida Gwaii Goshawk persists on Haida Gwaii. Survey for goshawk and identify and rank goshawk foraging and nesting habitat.
  • Investigate public education to manage human activities so that they are not further undermining efforts to recover this species (ie. Logging critical habitat, goshawk casualties due to conflict with poultry farmers, accidental poisoning etc.)
  • Develop strategies to enhance younger forest (commercial thinning, spacing and pruning etc.) so that it can be recruited as soon as possible as usable goshawk habitat.
  • Investigate programs and strategies to begin deer control pilot projects that target the enhancement of habitat and prey production in goshawk territories. Membership in the proposed/forthcoming Invasive Alien Mammal working group would support moving this piece forward.

Relevant Experience

Demonstrated successful performance providing services similar in size, scope and complexity to First Nations and government clients.


Proponents must provide a minimum of two references (i.e. names and contact information) of individuals who can verify the quality of work provided specific to the relevant experience of the Proponent.


PLEASE SUBMIT PROPOSALS by April 16, 2021 at 4:00pm to:

Denise Thiessen – SHN Executive Assistant
e. careers@haidanation.com
p. 250.626.5252

Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.