Project Manager (Full Time)


Simon Fraser University


Salmon Watersheds Lab
at Simon Fraser University (SFU) is seeking a Project Managerto lead the Koeye Salmon Ecosystem Study, an ongoing collaborative research andmonitoring initiative on the Koeye River. The Koeye River is an unlogged, roadlesswatershed on the Central Coast of British Columbia. Program staff from the Heiltsuk Nationand SFU conduct field operations in the lower Koeye River from April through October, withsemi-regular overnight trips upriver to Koeye Lake. The field setting is extremely remote,based in a rustic cabin located on the lower reaches of the watershed, which is accessed byboat. For the remainder of the year, the position will be based out of SFU (Vancouver, BC).
This project, which began in 2012, is a collaborative initiative with the Heiltsuk Nation, theHakai Institute, and the Wild Salmon Center. It produces annual estimates of salmon smoltand adult survival and abundance through tagging, recapture, visual and video enumeration,and the operations of a full-river weir. Additional research may be a part of this program, asdefined by the priorities of the project partners. The aim of collecting these data is to supportconservation and management of wild salmon on the Central Coast of British Columbia andbeyond, and to provide foundational understanding of how salmon populations areresponding to ongoing climate change.
The Project Manager is primarily responsible for on-site staff management and coordinatingdaily sampling activities. The successful candidate will be responsible for being the projectlead in the field; planning and undertaking the collection of data, data entry and organization,maintenance of project infrastructure and equipment, field safety and field team morale, andbeing a respectful liaison with collaborators and community members from the Heiltsuk FirstNation. The field season runs daily from April through October, with a break in August forapproximately three weeks. During the non-field season, the Project Manager will organizeand process samples, maintain equipment, and perform administrative tasks such as reportwriting. There may be opportunities, if interest and time allow, to perform data analysis andto contribute to writing grants or scientific papers. The Project Manager reports to Dr.Jonathan Moore (SFU) and the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department(HIRMD).
The successful candidate will have expertise in leading field teams and managing staff,working safely and collaboratively in remote settings, boat operations, and salmonenumeration techniques, as well as a desire and demonstrated ability to work in cross-cultural settings.
Learn and maintain existing protocols for data collection and management; Conduct
ongoing smolt trapping, weir operations and adult tagging, and fall spawner surveys.
Lead and manage a crew of between 2 and 5 Heiltsuk and SFU technicians/graduate
Ensure a safe and positive working environment for field staff and on-site visitors;
supervise safe program operations and compliance with established field safety
protocols in a dynamic and remote environment;
Maintain project boats and physical infrastructure, including: weir, camera and RFID
systems, and field cabins;
Manage in-season data processing and reporting to support co-governance of salmon
Support Heiltsuk community and youth involvement in Koeye programs, e.g. outreach
activities with the Heiltsuk youth summer camp, Koeye Camp;
Coordinate with the Project Lead Scientist (Wild Salmon Center) on permit
applications, grant writing, reporting, and budgeting;
Produce annual reports for HIRMD, project partners, and DFO;
Organize and lead maintenance of field equipment and purchasing during non-field
months (with assistance from Salmon Watersheds Lab admin staff);
Coordinate lab work, sample storage and processing, and data organization during the
non-field months.
Be an active member of the Salmon Watersheds Lab, such as participating in weekly
lab meetings;
Participate in cultural and community-led activities in the Koeye watershed, including
with the Koeye Camp, community members, and food fishers;
Lead scientific analysis and writing related to findings from the Koeye project, with the
potential to author or co-author peer-reviewed publications.
Strong inter-personal, communication, leadership and project management skills;
Experience managing field staff;
2+ years of professional experience doing field research with teams in remote field
Comfort and experience working in and around swiftwater rivers and ocean settings;
Flexibility and adaptability in the face of unforeseen field challenges;
A Bachelors or equivalent in natural sciences;
Why you are interested in the position.
This is a 1-year appointment, from approximately
April/May, 2021 to March/April, 2022
.There is potential for longer-term extension based on performance and funding. The annualsalary range for this position is between CAD $50,000‒$65,000 + extended health benefits,dependent upon skills, experience and qualifications of the successful candidate. Thisposition is made possible with support from the Hakai Institute, the Salmon Watersheds Lab,and the BC Salmon Recovery and Innovation Fund. Funds are available to cover the fullcosts of salary, research and travel expenses. In light of Covid-19, working remotely duringthe non-field season is an option.
Demonstrated experience operating and maintaining boats is strongly desired;
Expertise in salmon monitoring science, methods, and practical applications;
Wilderness First Aid, Swift Water Rescue and Restricted Radio Operator Certificate(Maritime) are desired but applicants can also receive this training (paid) as part of theiremployment;
Experience working with Indigenous communities;
Physically capable of walking >10 km on rough trails with a pack, and lifting heavyobjects;
Eligible for employment in Canada (either as a citizen, permanent resident or workpermit holder).

How to Apply

Applicants should email a CV and a brief cover letter to
with the subject:“Koeye Project Manager application”. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis untilthe position is filled. Please note that only applicants proceeding to the next round will becontacted regarding the outcome of their application. In addition, please note:
Your CV (PDF) should reference relevant work and educational experience andcontact information for three (3) references;
Your cover letter (PDF) should be two (2) pages or less and should address:
Relevant experience;