In-House Personal Care Support Worker (Full Time)



An in-house personal care support person would provide support and care to individuals living within NCTS housing to increase the likelihood of maintaining and improving physical health. The objectives of the In-House Personal Care Support would be as follows: connect individuals to medical support and follow-up, allow for some to remain housed where it might be at risk because their needs compromise safety or exceed staff members’ scope of practice and enhance the overall physical well-being of individuals.


The In-house Personal Care Support Worker will provide the following activities to any individual living within NCTS housing options:

  1. Connect individuals to doctors accepting new clients.
  2. Attend medical appointments with clients to provide advocacy and support
  3. Liaise with medical doctors and treatments centers to ensure after-care plan is communicated and supported
  4. Support clients with post-medical community care
  5. Offer head lice checks and support with regular treatment follow-up
  6. Medication support – help individuals understand and organize their prescriptions
  7. Minor wound care
  8. Foot care
  9. Basic hygiene care – some individuals need support with bathing needs
  10. Incontinence support
  11. Head injuries – follow-up and support
  12. Physical wellness activities – for example, walks, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, basketball
  13. Physical wellness checks and support (for example: anxiety, diabetes, blood pressure)


  • Bachelor’s degree or specialized training in a health or human service field. Nursing or paramedic training preferred. Equivalencies will be considered with experience in related field.
  • Two years’ work-related experience working with individuals with multiple barriers


  • Knowledgeable and skilled in building rapport with individuals with high needs
  • Thorough understanding of emotional and psychological impacts of trauma resulting from abuse or violent experiences
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and above-par oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work in partnership with NCTS team members
  • Ability to set limits and maintain the helping role of the practitioner and to intervene appropriately to meet the needs of the persons served
  • Sensitive and responsive to cultural differences in the client population
  • Good organization, time, and general management skills
  • Valid driver’s license and clean abstract with use of own vehicle

This position requires BCGEU Union membership.

How to Apply

Please send inquires or apply for the posting by email to the Program Director. Please include a cover letter and typed resume.


Attn: Grainne Barthe, Program Director @



Closing date:         Open until filled