Customer Service Representative (CSR) (Full Time)


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Competency Area: Communication


Competency 1 Communicate with clients in a supportive, approachable manner.
Competency 2 Act with integrity with every client.
Competency 3 Show empathy for client needs and personal pride in delivering our product/service.
Competency 4 Attend staff meetings and provide effective input and feedback.
Competency 5 Communicate in a friendly, supportive way with coworkers.


Competency Area: Technical Skill


Competency 1 Use appropriate and available technology or tools to perform work activities.
Competency 2 Acquire, develop, and maintain relevant and appropriate job skills through training or other developmental activities.
Competency 3 Demonstrate and apply relevant and appropriate knowledge and skills to work activities and tasks.
Competency 4 Demonstrate openness to in-house training and developmental opportunities to provide greater client service
Competency 5 Demonstrate continuous learning about other departments aspects and products


Competency Area: Client Service


Competency 1 Act with integrity with every client.
Competency 2 Give service beyond client expectations by seeking information about the needs of the client and recommending appropriate products or services to fill these needs.
Competency 3 Recognize potential issues in customer requests and recommend options.
Competency 4 Show empathy for client needs and personal pride in delivering our product/service.
Competency 5 Keep supervisor informed of progress and issues associated with the delivery of customer problems.


Competency Area: Teamwork


Competency 1 Respect and value individual differences and diversity by treating everyone fairly and professionally.
Competency 2 Contribute to a positive team atmosphere that fosters cooperation, trust, and group identity.
Competency 3 Seek out opportunities to share knowledge and skills with others.
Competency 4 With guidance, handle minor work-related disagreements or conflicts in a positive and constructive manner.
Competency 5 Take initiative to make extra contributions to work unit efforts;


Competency Area: Leadership


Competency 1 Help to develop others through motivation, mentoring, and coaching.
Competency 2 Participate in annual employee evaluation process.
Competency 3 Identify and communicate issues or problems which may impact the organization.
Competency 4 Communicate openly and honesty with peers and management.
Competency 5 Foster an environment that facilitates a high performing workforce and models a high standard of performance for others.


How to Apply

Head down and Speak to the Manager Maria Melo