Clean Waters Operations Coordinator (Full Time)


Haida Gwaii Clean Coast, Clean Waters Operations Coordinator
Misty Isles Economic Development Society (MIEDS)

The Haida Gwaii Clean Oceans Working Group and MIEDS have applied for provincial funding
to complete a Clean Coast, Clean Waters project on Haida Gwaii. This project is focused on
coastal debris removal around identified areas of Haida Gwaii. The goal of the project is to
perform shoreline clean-ups, stimulate the economy on Haida Gwaii in light of COVID-19, and
create local jobs and training opportunities.

Working with the executive director of MIEDS, the contract operations coordinator will be
responsible for managing all aspects of the Haida Gwaii Clean Coast, Clean Waters project
from implementation to completion.

This is a comprehensive project management contract for delivery of all aspects of the project
deliverables. The project will begin upon a successful funding application and come to
completion between December 2021 and March 2022.

We are looking for a contract operations coordinator to lead these projects, coordinating a
multi-disciplinary team, and successfully deploy this project on time and within budget.
MIEDS encourages all interested applicants to apply as job familiarization/support could be

Responsibilities include:
● Coordinate an external cross-functional team to perform the Haida Gwaii Clean Coast,
Clean Waters project
● Manage external partners, processes, and permitting
● Create youth engagement strategies and partnerships
● Create internal processes and project management structures
● Create training materials and protocols for those engaged in the project in all stages up
to marines debris drop off
● Deliver training to individual groups including but not limited to: interested contractors,
interested debris collectors regarding insurance, contract requirements, safety
procedures, etc.
● Project management groundwork: creating planning, managing budgets, managing
logistical clean-up plan, document control, project tracking, reporting, etc.
● Ensure project contractors meet requirements and track those details via signed
● Ensure tracking of debris is collected and submitted according to project requirements
for data collection including multiple partner organizations
● Establish best practice and safety standards for contractors and ensure those standards
are met
● Coordinate special operators as necessary to ensure safe project completion
● Manage all project reporting based on project requirements
● Work closely with the Executive Director on budget and financial reimbursements
● Communicate with the Council of the Haida Nation and governments about protecting
sensitive areas
● Create and deliver external community communications plan for project awareness and
● Ensure relevant administrative and logistical support is met in the project operation
through initial contract
● Ensure all employees, contractors and volunteers have the requisite B.C. Criminal
Background check to work with youth
● Ensure every contractor has access to a safety supervisor and is trained on first aid
● Create and implement a community satisfaction survey near the end of the project
● Manage all including but not limited to, team structure/size, budget, notes on specialized
operators (helicopters, barges), disposal plan, community engagement notes, health and
safety plans (including COVID-19 plan)
● Manage the health & safety (PT) and marine debris coordinators

Professional Qualifications:
● Familiarity with ICS structure
● Degree in project management or related experience
● Strong management and communication skills
● At least 5 years of relevant work experience in project management, preferably in a field
where you have gained experience to prepare you for this contract
● Experience managing a team
● Proven track record in creating/managing planning and budget control
● Relevant experience in working with external partners and managing contracts
● You have worked on multiple projects at the same time before and have experience in
bringing projects from start to finish

To express interest please email a letter of interest and resume, if applicable to This contract will be open until filled.