Community Engagement Coordinator (Full Time)


The First Nations Health Authority


Position Summary:

As a Community Engagement Coordinator you will provide communications, collaboration and planning support to BC First Nations communities.  You will develop and support local community engagement activities as part of a regional team.  In addition you will ensure that engagement functions and resources are effectively integrated, organized and leveraged to meet strategic and operational needs within the local area or sub-region.


• Develop and support a local and/or sub-regional community engagement strategy involving all communities in the area
• Assist communities in identifying and prioritizing current and emerging health care needs to inform local and regional planning activities
• Maintain a minimum of quarterly contact with the health and political leadership of all communities in the network to discuss progress on performance objectives and resolve problems as they arise
• Organize local community engagement activities that are integrated with identified health priorities and align with the regional engagement strategy
• Participate in health engagement activities of the Regional Health Authority specific to the area or sub-region
• Provide logistical and technical support to the Regional and Sub-Regional Caucus process including registration of communities for Regional Caucus meetings and supporting the meetings as required
• Identify communication opportunities and develop material in collaboration with the Regional Team and the Communications & Public Relations team
• Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between all communities engaged in the local area or sub-region for the collective benefit of the communities
• Assist in the rollout of communications materials to local communities working in collaboration with leadership and the Regional Team
• Support health leads in workshops, information fairs and other events where information about the FNHA can be shared with community members/citizens
• The work of PP&SS is collaborative and requires that teams work in a cross-functional organizational matrix approach, in both daily work and on project/initiative-based efforts, with the intent to maximize support to Regional Offices and access to expertise as well as the efficient use of resources and knowledge and information exchange.  Working in a cross-functional matrix-approach also enhances the employee experience by facilitating the development knowledge, skills and competencies in a diverse and wide variety of areas.


• A University degree with specialization in Health Sciences, Education or Social Services or a related field, or an acceptable combination of education, training and professional experience


• Relevant, recent and significant experience in the provision of coordination support to First Nation communities (usually acquired over a 3-5 year period), or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.
• Experience working with BC First Nations/Aboriginal people at a community and/or political level including in the area of community engagement and community/organizational development
• Experience supporting traditional ceremonies and cultural practices.

Knowledge, Skills & Attributes:


• Knowledge of community engagement and development, provincial and federal health systems, and Aboriginal/First Nations health system needs
• Knowledge of health related issues in general and those affecting First Nation communities in particular
• Knowledge of the BC First Nation political and governance landscape and the current community, Nation and Regional contexts


• Ability to develop and document work plans, including ongoing adaptation and reporting
• Ability to build and maintain respectful and effective relationships with diverse groups, organizations, and individuals to work collaboratively and cooperatively, including good conflict management skills and abilities
• Ability to multi-task, set priorities effectively, time manage and problem solve, including early identification of issues/problems that may arise, with an awareness of when to elevate issues as appropriate
• Ability to coordinate, design and facilitate meetings and other gatherings on a wide variety of topics and with diverse groups and/or individuals, including the development of pre-reading and meeting documentation
• Ability to communicative effectively both orally and in writing, including making presentations to a variety of audiences, ensuring material is adapted as required for the audience
• Ability to efficiently and effectively utilize Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel
• Physical ability to perform the duties of the position

• Tact, discretion and reliability
• High degree of initiative

Condition of Employment

• A valid Class 5 BC Driver’s License

Working Conditions
• The work requires unplanned overtime and attendance at meetings after hours
• The work requires travel throughout the sub-region, Region and minimal travel in BC

How to Apply

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