Computer Skills Self-Assessment

Computer Training Needs Survey

This short survey will ask you questions about what training you are looking for.
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  • About your Computer Skills

    Need to feel confident using the web to find job postings, find different job search sites, and locate company career pages, and then complete online applications.
    Need to be comfortable with keyboarding and entering data into various types of online forms and preparing emails, cover letters and resumes.
    Email is a very important tool for communicating with potential employers and applying for jobs.
    You will need to use a mouse to scroll, drag and drop, double-click, and highlight words, phrases and paragraphs while composing an email, preparing a resume or cover letter, or scanning web pages or online applications.
    Using Word to prepare documents for job search such as cover letters and resumes will help you create professional documents.
    Managing documents on a computer includes creating, opening, saving, re-naming and moving files and folders either on your own PC or on to your USB drive (external drive)
    It is becoming more important to use the Cloud using (SkyDrive) to save and manage your job search documents and edit them using online MS Office web apps.
    Need to be prepared to use MS Word to work with many different documents in a work setting.
    Need to feel confident managing workflow, tasks and activities.
    It is crucial to build confidence with writing concise, effective emails for the workplace.
    It is increasingly important to build skills to efficiently search for, find and retrieve career/job search resources off the web.
    Need to feel confident using networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and establishing an online presence as a job seeker.