Book of Rainbows Volume Two

When I first entered into this project I started putting together a list of people to interview for the book. I chose to wait until the two participants in the Job Creation Partnership were in place to get a broader cross section of the city. We took another look at the project and decided that the best place to find the stories was to move out into the community itself. We walked through the town engaging Prince Rupert residents as they went through their daily routines. Participants would be approached at their workplace, in coffee line-ups, in the aisle at the supermarket, and simply walking down the sidewalk. In turn we would hear, “You know who you should talk to…”, and the list would come down and Prince Rupert would start creating the book.

There will be moments when readers will be asking, “What about…” and “Where is…”. The only response we can give is that each person’s story could probably fill the pages of the entire boo and the book itself can probably be written a thousand times over. We have made every effort to not only tell each story but to respectfully protect them as well.

The cover photo was taken by Ellen March and was the image that was chosen from a photo contest that we hosted in December of 2014. Of course we were very fortunate to have the editor of the last issue.m Danielle Dalton, to mentor us and give us an understanding of the project, as well as support from the whole team at Hecate Strait Employment.

We are most humbly appreciative of all involved in the project.

-Duane Jackson, Project Coordinator, Book of Rainbows

E-book: Book of Rainbows Volume 2