Book of Rainbows

Some may wonder why some people have pictures and others do not, or why some include recipes and others do not. You might also wonder about how people were chosen and why this person is in the book and another is not. Simple, one of the first people we interviewed was Ms. Barbara Sheppard (North Pacific Cannery historical archivist), and while we talked, she asked if we would be interested in some of the people she thought were Rupert pioneers. It was a great idea!

Ms. Sheppard sent us a list and we called everyone. Then we followed with our own list, and often we would have referrals from those we interviewed. In any event, many were called but not all answered.

The Book of Rainbows is adapted to the comfort level of each individual we interviewed, and this is why the chapters are heterogeneous and not cookie cutter duplicates of each other.

A book like this would typically take over a year to make and would involve many iterations of fact checking. This project had to go from inception to production in roughly three months. Errors are therefore impossible to avoid, though every effort was made to eradicate them, and those that remain should be minor.

To all of those who threw themselves on the proverbial grenade and trusted their story to three unknowns with little writing experience, I say your bravery is only exceeded by your kindness. To all of you a humble thank you.

Danielle Dalton, Editor, Project Manager at Hecate Strait Employment Development Society

Book Reviews:

“I love the book, I hide my copy so it does not disappear.”    

“This is amazing! it’s late for me, way past bedtime but I can’t stop reading these people’s stories. figured I would just skip to those I recognize by name but am enjoying even stranger’s tales…a beautiful read but must go to bed….eyes are closing but look forward to moving on in this history another day “