Things to Do and See Around Town

Right across from Hecate Strait Employment Development Society is Pacific Mariners Park. This park is often the pace for community events. Although COVID-19 has cut back on the number of outdoor community events, it is still a great place for the kids to play, and a great view of the harbour while having a picnic. There is a statue of a mariner looking out over the harbour, and a wall with plaques of names of those lost at sea. The park has a number of smaller trails, leading you to check out the Japanese fishing boat. Afterwards, cross the street and you can either take the stairs or take a walk through the tunnel to the Sunken Gardens. It is a really nice area to walk, enjoy the gardens, then go up to the upper section of the gardens, and then walk around the Courthouse grounds. The large courthouse lawn has a few trails and in the center there is a large monument called a cenotaph, a structure that is a memorial to war veterans.