Preparing for English Language Exams

Here is a selection of English language learning resources online for newcomers to help you prepare for the two most common English language exams: IELTS and CELPIP.

There is a great collection of self-study materials to help with prep for the IELTS exam; in addition, the Cambridge assessment provides a number of free assessments to give you an idea of your language level for business, academic, or life.

There are resources online to help you get a better idea of your English language level: the first is to identify your level based on the iELTS exam (IELTS assesses your level for entry to university, or to demonstrate your English language proficiency to support an application for Permanent Residency.); the other is to help assess your level based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB is used to identify the language level (minimum level 4) to demonstrate English language proficiency for Citizenship).

The CeLPIP exam is based more closely on the Canadian Language Benchmarks; it is also a bit cheaper and takes less time for those needing to demonstrate English language level (speaking and listening skills) for citizenship. The first step is to register online at


There is an amazing resource portal called New to BC for those newcomers interested in finding out more on how to start a mall business.