English Study Group starts back in January

English Study Group Themes

The following five themes are flexible and responsive to client interests and needs.

1.      Conversation Circle              

Topic-based mini-lessons to practice oral fluency, conversation gambits, pronunciation practice, vocabulary building, grammar usage, slang and idioms, and listening tasks; show and tell brief presentations


2.      Prepare for Work                         

Structured task-based activities to develop face-to-face professional communication, telephoning, note-taking, form-filling, writing memos, faxes, and emails for the workplace, and reading commonly used Canadian workplace documents


3.      Community Connect!               

Learn more about the local community: using maps; reviewing flyers about local community events; reading pamphlets about community services and events; Question/Answer sessions with guest speakers; participate in meetings


4.      Volunteer Connect!                   

Learn more about the local community volunteering opportunities: reviewing flyers about local community contacts and volunteer postings; Question/Answer sessions with guest speakers about how to volunteer; language prep (vocabulary needed to participate as volunteer); participate in meetings


5.      Reading Circle                      

Reading stories about local people, the community and culture, selection of news articles and novels; reading consumer reviews and short posts on local events from online social media sites


Contact Glenn by phone or email to arrange an appointment, and find out more about setting up online tutoring sessions.

125 Market Place – 250-624-9498 – glenn@hseds.ca

Our services for newcomers and immigrants are available free of charge in Prince Rupert thanks to funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and BC Settlement and Integration Services.