Updated Services for Newcomers



Part 1: Building Computer Skills, Getting Ready for Work, and Preparing for English Language Exams





Digital Literacy/Using Computers: These hands-on tutoring sessions  are provided on a 1 on 1 or small group basis by appointment. Please contact Nancy to arrange a time to meet. We will work with you to navigate government sites, use the computer to organize your files and folders, use Word, brush up on typing skills, find online resources, download materials, save to USB drives or to the Cloud, or print off materials.

Workplace Readiness: Staff will also help you on a 1 on 1 basis to prepare workplace emails and memos, get practice with reading and working with a variety of samples of Canadian workplace documents, and build confidence by practicing taking and giving notes and messages. Staff will also engage you in role-plays to build conversation skills to work with the telephone and face-to-face conversations and job interviews.

English Language Exam Tutoring: Many newcomers need to refresh their knowledge and prepare for language exams. Settlement staff can assist you to become more prepared to take the IELTS or TOEFL exams. To help prepare for the College Adult Basic Education placement test, we can assist with self-paced materials to develop skills in reading, writing and grammar.



Part 2: Getting Certified for Work, Getting Ready for Upgrading or College Entry, and Preparing to Become a Citizen





Workplace Certifications: These certifications are often needed for work; for example, FoodSafe is needed if you will be handling food; WHMIS is required if cleaning; and SuperHost is needed if you want a job in customer services. There are several other certifications that the settlement staff can help you prepare for.

Academic Readiness: We assist newcomers to be more prepared for academic study by boosting confidence in completing assignments and participating in class and online. Newcomers can practice skills by performing tasks such as interviewing, finding online materials, using the public library, making presentations, engaging in 1 on 1 and small group discussions, as well as annotating, note-taking, summarizing and revising from both online and hard-copy learning materials.

Citizenship Preparation

We assist newcomers to find out more about the citizenship application process, find out ways to meet the language requirements, study for the Citizenship written test using online self-study materials and tutoring.

Our services for newcomers and immigrants are available free of charge in Prince Rupert thanks to funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and BC Settlement and Integration Services.