Learn English Online: Strategies for Organizing

How do you remember things? What are some ways you keep yourself better organized at home?

mental review – thinkĀ  over my plans for about 5 minutes or so the night before or in the morning before I get up

Some ways I try to keep more organized include using special places , doing mental review, using sticky notes, and writing down things on the kitchen whiteboard.


I try (or attempt) to keep things I need together in a special place so I can pick them all up at once before I go off to work, head out for grocery shopping, or go to a meeting. such as a box for passwords, a bowl for keys, a spot near my PC for things I need before going out, or a mini book shelf for library books.

I also try (or make an effort) to spend a few minutes going over in my mind what I will need to remember every night and take a few minutes before I get up after I wake up in the morning.

I also make use of sticky notes for reminders at home, and I mostly use the whiteboard in the kitchen for jotting (writing) down grocery lists, appointments, and things to get done such as errands.

It is certainly a challenge trying to keep everything organized, but these ways help me a lot.