Career Resource Links for Job Seekers


The Canada Job Bank has a very interesting resource for helping job-seekers do research in to the essential skills needed for a number of occupations. As a first step, you can complete the online Skills and Knowledge Checklist to explore jobs or career options that match your skills and knowledge. It includes a skills and knowledge glossary. What is interesting is that the results match your skills and knowledge with a short-list of careers, providing a list of skills and knowledge that you are lacking, suggesting directions for further training to transition to a new career.

The Job Bank also has a great tool for exploring careers by outlook, and provides a list of occupations.

It introduces the NOC (National Occupational Classification) system, which standardizes job descriptions so that employers are providing more detailed information in their job postings that more closely match what they are seeking in job applicants for different jobs. The occupations are classified in to 9 categories. You can contact Hecate Strait Employment Development Society for assistance.

You can also explore careers in terms of a list of the essential skills needed. This career research tool provides detailed information about the essential skills needed, which includes types of tasks and skills levels needed to perform the job duties. This information takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out what the employer is asking for, and how well your skills and experience match up with the job posting.

It also helps you fine-tune your resume and cover letter to align your skills and experience with what the employer is looking for. This way, it provides you with a focus during the job interview so that you can focus on demonstrating you have the specific skills needed. Each profile provides a description of the skills and the level needed to perform the job duties.

To receive assistance on your job search, we invite you to call us at 250-624-9498 to help you conduct career research and get assistance with resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills, and researching career options and the local labour market. You can sign up for workshops and have 1 on 1 time with an employment counselor.  To find out more, you can also drop by to speak with Settlement Services to visit the Resource Centre for Newcomers and speak with a settlement counselor.

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