Resources for Investigating Careers Online

In the first part of this series I investigate the occupation of general office clerk using the “Working in Canada” job search tool.

To obtain the resources needed to answer questions about different careers we might be interested in, we often first tend to go to Google and perhaps visit a few other search engines, or go to the HRDC Job Bank or visit a local directory of job postings.

But this information might be too general, or not include the details about careers you are seeking, and might not answer the questions you are looking for. For example, some of these questions might include:
• What qualifications are needed?
• How much education am I going to need?
• What skills are required?
• What are the job duties?
• How many jobs are in the region?
• How much is the salary?
I recently did an online search for occupational details about Administrative Assistants, and visited the Working in Canada tool on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.
I entered the keyword “Administrative Assistant” and then clicked SEARCH for the result. I received two results: Administrative Clerks and General Office Clerks. I clicked on the text link phrase “General Office Clerks”. It provided a brief job description, a list of other job titles, and links to related occupations that I can explore.
I then selected choose this occupation and then selected the province (BC) and region (North Coast) to view a list of job positions for General office Clerks in the North Coast region. I clicked on a few of the job postings for more detailed information on what employers are seeking from job applicants. By reviewing more than a few postings, I was able to identify several details about this occupation: salary, skills required for using business equipment and computer applications, typing, education, experience, and essential skills.