English made Easy: Learning English through Pictures

These English Made Easy books are going to be used during the non-formal English study sessions. These resources are intended for ESL learners to practice conversation skills about everyday topics. The main focus of our study group is to build English language fluency, to help participants feel more comfortable using everyday English in real situations as needed.

These books are useful for ESL learners because they use a series of photo stories to gradually introduce new words, phrases and grammar from context.  We will be using these guides with participants to focus on developing fluency in speaking and listening.

The first book provides a series of photo-stories that practice a number of functions, introducing the grammar as it is used in real-life situations. These textbooks will help support learning and assist with building confidence in using English in everyday situations.


From my own perspective as the facilitator, it is a great resource for non-formal study within a supportive group setting as they help to engage learners make active use of English. The books also help to encourage learners to interact with each other about the photo stories without feeling self-conscious.

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