English Study Group Summer Sessions

English Language Study Group Activities Overview


About the English Study Group

My name is Glenn Groulx, and I am facilitating a non-formal conversation circle for newcomers here at Hecate Strait Employment Development Society in Prince Rupert. I would like to invite newcomers to drop by and attend our English Study Group sessions and check out our resources. Group sessions run during the Summer from Monday to Thursday from 9:15 am to 11:15 am, though we usually have coffee brewing at around 9 am. The sessions are casual, with guided instructional activities to help build pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar use, guided writing, and practice reading strategies. There is also a mix of hands-on practical learning activities, too, where the facilitator supports participants to complete tasks such as using the phone or relaying messages or notes. Also, participants lead activities such as Shop Talk (talking about shopping and restaurants), Tech Tips (talks about online apps and technologies), and Show and Tell (short talks about items of interest).

We also usually invite guests to join us, and we encourage them to drop by and have coffee and sit and chat with us; we sometimes review local news, read flyers and posters about upcoming community events, and read together as a group from the Book of Rainbows, a series of stories about local people. Nancy Smith (the Coordinator) and I love talking about different books, and we sometimes we take the group out on field trips to various locations in town and invite guest speakers to give talks about different topics. In addition to general English, there are some activities that practice Essential Skills, such as using forms and documents, taking and leaving phone messages, and doing role-plays to help participants feel more confident when using English in professional settings.

Another part of the Study Group is that we encourage opportunities for newcomers to share information about volunteering and upcoming community events.