Wage Subsidy Program

What is Wage Subsidy?

The  Wage Subsidy Program (WS) offers a wage subsidy on your behalf to employers who can provide you with on-the-job experience that leads to fulltime, permanent employment. The subsidy reimburses the employer a percentage of your wage for several weeks as you get up to speed on your new job.

Referral Process

See your local employment counselor. Together you will decide if the WS program is right for you. If yes, you will be referred to the WS Coordinator. Our Coordinator will meet with you to discuss your goals and make a plan to target prospective employers. Have your resume ready!

Job Seeking with WS

You will direct your own job search, and the Coordinator will help you network. The Coordinator will coach you how to market yourself, The Coordinator will consult employers who are interested in hiring you. The Coordinator will make sure the employer understands the program and walk the employer through the approval process. Important: The wage subsidy must be approved BEFORE you start a job. So, as soon as you get a job offer, contact the Coordinator.

The wage subsidy can be applied to most types of fulltime work. Previous placements have included:

• Class 1 and Class 3 drivers.

• Office Workers (reception, bookkeeping).

• Sales Agents (retail, insurance, banks).

• Communications (television, radio, newspapers).

• Technicians (electronic, safety equipment, locksmith).

• And more! What type of work are you seeking?

 Please Note

  • The Wage Subsidy does not apply to jobs that are under 30 hours a week