Gitxsan Environmental Service


$35/Hour starting wage

Upcoming opportunity for trained Wildlife Monitors to provide armed protection for workers/wildlife on various linear projects in northern BC. Work is projected to be up to two-year duration; could be based in camp setting. Wildlife Monitors perform a vital role in detecting and controlling potentially aggressive wildlife, and ensuring work crews are informed and directed to take preventative and responsive action to avoid lethal encounters.


  • Proof of Current Possession and Acquisition License (PAL)
  • Canadian Safety Firearms Training
  • Completion of Approved Wildlife Monitor Training (minimum 14 hours)
  • First Aid Level 1 or Equivalent
  • UTV/ATV license/experience preferable
  • Satisfactory Criminal Record Check with no record of violent crime
  • Successful Pre-Access Alcohol and Drug Screening TesT

*Note – Candidates that need re-certification or training may be eligible to receive support to meet position requirements.


  • Strong communication skills; able to clearly and confidently communicate to groups
  • Physically fit; able to walk in the bush several kilometres daily
  • Prepared to work long days (12-hour shifts, up to 6 days per week) in rotations
  • Able to safely and proficiently inspect, handle and maintain firearm
  • Able to identify potentially dangerous wildlife, with knowledge of specific risks in the region
  • Able to carry out Risk Assessment process for identification of the presence of dangerous wildlife
  • Experienced in adhering to Wildlife Monitoring Procedures
  • Appropriate Wildlife Response and Deterrent Procedures
  • Knowledgeable about proper practices for food storage and disposal
  • Able to provide crew orientation and training protocols and maintain written documentation
    The Wildlife Monitor will be compensated for supply, security and transport of their own legal, well maintained firearm as required by the project.

How to Apply

Please send resume and proof of certifications to: caroline.williams@gitxsanbusiness.com