Store Front Agent (Contract)


Loomis Express


Loomis Express is looking for a Store Front Agent in Prince Rupert.


1. Provide secure storage of all materials, belonging to Loomis Express (Hereinafter collectively referred to as Loomis) and it”s customers left in your care.

2. Meet and greet all Loomis customers with a positive cheerful and professional manner.

3. Contact all intended recipients in a prompt and courteous manner.

4. Price all materials through the customer service center or Branch Office.

5. Sign off on all waybills. and ensure customers signatures are obtained for all shipments.

6. Submit all paperwork in a timely ,( waybills,cash,and manifest daily, Invoice monthly).

7. Contact Loomis immediately in any instance of risk (IE Damaged freight, hostile customers ect..

How to Apply

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