Registered Pharmacy Technician or Pharmacy Assistant (Masset) (Full Time)


Pharmasave Masset Telepharmacy


Health Care


Pharmasave Masset Telepharmacy has an immediate opening for a qualified REGISTERED PHARMACY TECHNICIAN or PHARMACY ASSISTANT.


This is a FULL-TIME POSITION Monday to Friday, no weekends, holidays or evenings.  We offer a competitive wage and benefits package based on previous retail experience




Pharmaceutical Distribution:

  1. Assist in the gathering of information to create and maintain complete patient records.
  2. Assess prescriptions for clarity, completeness, authenticity, and compliance with legal requirements.
  3. Interpret prescriptions, perform any required calculations, and ensure the prescription information is recorded accurately on the patient record.
  4. Communicate with patients/customers and process prescriptions according to the pharmacy’s policies and procedures such as, but not limited to, designated “in and out” areas, patient counselling requirements and areas, and wait times.
  5. Ensure appropriate patient record file maintenance by adhering to scanning and storage policies and procedures.
  6. Submit prescriptions for adjudication and manage coverage/payment related issues in cooperation with the patient and Pharmacist.
  7. Select, prepare, package, and label prescriptions for both commercially available products and extemporaneous compounds.
  8. Ensure prescriptions are checked by the Pharmacist or regulated Pharmacy Technician prior to being distributed to the patient.
  9. Complete appropriate documentation for all tasks including but not limited to filling prescriptions and filing procedures.
  10. Understand and adhere to the quality assurance policies/procedures for job performance management, medication error risk management and the handling of narcotic/controlled substances. This includes, but is not limited to, assisting in the documentation of all medication and patient care incidents using appropriate protocols (including “near misses”).
  11. Maintain the confidential and sensitive nature of the pharmacy/patient relationship at all times in accordance with legislation and standards.
  12. Enter and process sale of prescription and other purchases using the POS cash register.
  13. Perform other duties as required from time to time as required to ensure efficient operation of the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Assistants are not permitted to perform final checks on prescriptions nor
override and/or approve any clinical messages that occur when processing
prescriptions such as drug-drug or drug-condition interactions.


Additional Pharmacy Administration Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of patient/customer information.
  2. Maintain sufficient inventory for appropriate patient care and efficient operations.
  3. Monitor and remove expired medications in accordance with provincial legislation.
  4. Conduct inventory spot checks for accuracy and manage out-of-stocks in accordance with store policies and procedures.
  5. Assist in ensuring that all patient care areas are clean, tidy and organized. This includes, but is not limited to, areas such as the dispensary, counselling areas, clinic rooms, waiting areas, and sink(s). Ensure supplies are checked, restocked, and ordered as necessary.
  6. Assist in ensuring health information and patient care resources (paper and electronic) are organized, updated and reordered as required to help support all patient care activities, services and programs.
  7. Participate in staff meetings and training sessions as required to maintain an appropriate skill set and ensure the safe and productive operations of the dispensary, pharmacy, and patient care services/programs.
  8. Operate the POS system in accordance with store policies such as verifying customer receipts and issuing receipts.
  9. Reconcile cash float at the beginning and end of shift as required.
  10. If closing, reconcile total tender (cash, debit, credit, gift certificates) to POS sales data and file “end-of-day cash envelope” as required.
  11. Process merchandise returns or refunds in an efficient manner in accordance with store policies.
  12. Perform other administrative duties as assigned.


Pharmacy Health Care Services/Program Responsibilities:

In addition to dispensing services, the pharmacy also offers other health care services such as, but not limited to, administering injections, medication reviews, minor ailments assessments, and prescription adaptations.  The Pharmacy Assistant is responsible for some of the administrative duties as outlined below and others specific to each service/program offering:

  1. Communicate to patients/customers basic details of the service such as, but not limited to, the name of service/program, and cost.
  2. Register patients/customers for the service/program.
  3. Refer interested patients/customers to a Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician for more details.
  4. Inform the Pharmacist and/or Pharmacy Technician of patients/customers who are interested in the program.
  5. Gather patient information and prepare applicable files/forms for Pharmacists and/or Pharmacy Technicians.
  6. Make appointment reminder calls.
  7. Prepare and organize service/program resources including, but not limited to, documentation forms and marketing materials.
  8. Perform other administrative duties as assigned.



Additional Patient/Customer Services Responsibilities:

  1. Understand and conduct themselves under the guiding principle that appropriate patient care and excellent customer service is the priority. Develop and maintain excellent customer relationships.
  2. Whenever possible, respond to patient/customer needs in a timely fashion that supports appropriate patient care and excellent customer service.
  3. Provide customer assistance in locating front store products. Refer all questions with regard to drug information or any health concern to the Pharmacist.
  4. Support the professional image of the pharmacy/store and Pharmasave as a whole.


Interest candidates are invited to send their resumes to as soon as possible.


Closing Date

Nov 30, 2018

How to Apply

Interested candidates are invited to send their Resumes to as soon as possible.