Program Coordinator (Part Time)


Haida Gwaii Mentor Apprentice Program Committee


The Haida Gwaii Museum, with the Haida Gwaii Mentor Apprentice Program Committee, is looking for a part-time employee in HlGaagilda to work 10-20 hrs per week at $27.50-$30/hr (depending on experience) as the Program Coordinator for the Mentor Apprentice Program (MAP) focussed on the Haida language in both Gaw and HlGaagilda.

Term: from August 01, 2020 – March 31 2021

JOB description:
The Program Coordinator

  • lives in HlGaagilda (Skidegate) or Daajing Giids (Queen Charlotte)
  • keeps track of and manages ~16 MAP teams: their hours, invoices, payment, & support.
  • supports meetings of: HG MAP Committee as needed (the volunteer
    board that gives direction to the Coordinator), group meetings of the MAP teams in Skidegate
  • checks in with teams individually as needed, and coordinates with the HGMAP Committee Chair and Northern MAP Coordinator in Massett
  • manages a budget for the whole program, keeps track of budget of the individual teams, draws up invoices for payment, coordinates with bookkeeper and fundraiser
  • coordinates events: workshop to begin program (September or October 2020), language dinner (December 2020), and dinner at end of program (March 2021).
  • can work from home
  • has some experience with the Haida language

Skills needed:

  • office skills: spreadsheet organizing, invoicing, budgeting
  • organizational skills to coordinate meetings
  • excellent communication skills for face to face meetings, Facebook, email and phone
  • event planning experience
  • can chair a meeting (of the HG MAP Committee, and of the MAP teams)
  • empathic, positive outlook and resilient

Closing Date

Jul 19, 2020

How to Apply

Please send a letter of intent and resume to the HGMAP Committee Chair