Marine Program Director (Full Time)


Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance


The CCIRA Marine Program Director is responsible for the day-to-day development, management, and oversight of CCIRA marine planning and conservation programs, projects and staff. [NOTE: CCIRA operates in a distributed office environment.]


1. Play a leadership and coordinating role in the implementation, monitoring and review of the member Nations’ marine plans, including all Nation-level, sub-regional and government-to- government programs and projects underway to implement the Nations’ marine plans;

2. Play a leadership and coordinating role in facilitating and coordinating information gathering, research, resource management and other actions undertaken by CCIRA to address marine planning and conservation issues;

3. Work closely with other governments’ technical staff to develop strategic approaches to the development and implementation of marine plans and processes;

4. Play a leadership and capacity-building role in ensuring the member Nations’ interests, concerns, and positions are addressed in government-to-government marine planning and conservation outcomes;

5. Work closely with technical staff from other Nations to create harmonized First Nations’ positions on government-to-government marine planning and conservation issues;

6. Coordinate the ongoing development and management of the society, including managing multiple large budgets, coordinating financial and program reporting and administrative actions, developing funding proposals, and communicating out to Nations, funders and supporters about CCIRA’s marine planning and conservation activities;

7. Supervise and coordinate day-to-day activities of CCIRA marine planning and conservation staff and contractors, including conducting annual performance reviews;

8. Report to the CCIRA Board of Directors and works closely with the Nation-level Stewardship Directors, CCIRA President, CCIRA Financial Committee, and CCIRA staff and contractors to ensure CCIRA is achieving its strategic objectives, while acting within its mandate, bylaws, and terms of reference;

9. Work closely with CCIRA staff and contractors and the CCIRA Board of Directors to develop and approve annual work plans and budgets for CCIRA’s marine planning and conservation projects and programs;

10. At the direction of the Board of Directors, act on behalf of the CCIRA president and fulfil his/her roles and responsibilities, as appropriate;

11. Carry out other duties that may be requested by the CCIRA Board of Directors.


 Understanding of the marine and aquatic resources and commercial and non- commercial activities within the Pacific Northern Shelf Bioregion;

 Awareness of First Nations laws, rights and title, issues and traditional ecological knowledge and importance of these to resource management and economic development opportunities;

 Understanding of the multitude of government-to-government marine planning processes in the region, ecosystem-based management and its application to resource and economic development in the marine environment;

 Understanding of existing resource stewardship policies and experience in developing and successfully implementing policies and agreements that advance First Nations’ stewardship interests;

 Experience in effectively managing contractors, staff, budgets, work plans and agreements;

 Ability to motivate others to gain support for new initiatives;

 Thorough understanding of the First Nations political environment and sensitivities and an ability to function effectively within that environment;

 Experience working with First Nations, stakeholders, and government in multidisciplinary groups; and  Ability to manage multiple complex projects, programs and contractors at one time.


 Minimum a Master’s degree in resource management, planning or public administration and 5 years related work experience OR a bachelor’s degree and 7 years related work experience;

 Previous experience working with First Nations;

 Experience with project management, report writing and staff/contractor supervision;

 Project development and proposal writing skills;

 Knowledge of modern office practices, procedures, systems and equipment. Ability to operate computer equipment and programs to produce publishable reports and documents;

 Interpersonal skills including: leadership, team oriented, energetic, self-motivated, outgoing, persistent and conscientious; and

 Excellent communication and organizational skills.

The candidate should be self-motivated, be able to work in a highly dynamic team environment, deliver projects under tight time constraints, and have a willingness to spend frequent periods of time away from home.


The position is a full-time one-year contract with a day rate of $400/day. At the end of the year, a contract renewal is optional based on decisions made by the administering body.


Reports to: CCIRA President, CCIRA Board of Directors
Supports: CCIRA technical staff and contractors

Closing Date

Apr 28, 2020

How to Apply

Applicants are asked to submit letters of application, with resume, providing details of work experience and two references.

Reply to:

Cyndi Hanuse, CCIRA Administrator

Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance

2790 Vargo Rd. Campbell River, BC V9W 4X1