Reporting to the Safety Administrator, or designate, the First Aid/Safety Employee will be
responsible to provide first aid and fire watch for the Ridley Terminals Inc. facilities. The
position will require coverage of the site on a 12-hour shift, 24 hour/ 7 days per week basis.
As a First Aid Employee you will:
 Apply your skills to perform first aid duties as required.
 Assist in the training of other FA employees based on your skills and abilities.
 Inspect fire extinguishers, life rings, sprinklers, eye wash stations, rescue equipment,
AED’s, hydrants, safety locks, incident command kits, ladders as required.
 Answer the telephone as required.
 Respond to fire, safety and environmental issues as outlined in the Ridley Business
System (RBS).
 Assist the Safety Administrator by bringing fire, safety and environmental issues to
their attention.
 On a regular basis, patrol the RTI facility, including buildings and site, to confirm
there are no fires and the site is secure.
 Respond in a professional manner, according to written procedures, to persons on
site who have not received approval to be on site.
 Respond according to written procedures, to fires, tripped sprinkler systems,
environmental or safety concerns.
 Assist the Safety Administrator in meeting Company and department, goals and
 Maintain a clean, safe work environment and report all incidents/ accidents.
 Be able to work effectively with minimum or no supervision.
 Review visitor arrival manifest to verify presence or absence in case of emergency
site evacuation.
 Distribute and maintain lockout locks, gas monitors and radios
 Monitor and ensure FA inventories are maintained
 Assist Safety Administrator with Hygiene monitoring if required
 Attend toolboxes (6am Mechanical, 6:30am Projects, 6pm Operations)
 Assist IC with Mock drills and conduct monthly rescue drills, document and post.
 Conduct site orientations
 Assist Safety Administrator with Spill routes, and emergency exit maps if required
 Spill kit inspections
 Assist Safety Administrator with Chemical Inventory
 Update 3E, and MSDS’s update binders
 Deal with Contractors (locks, radio & services)
 Fit Testing Respirators
 Perform Orientations
 Other duties as assigned
Hiring Criteria
Education and Knowledge:
 A minimum of grade 12
 Occupational First aid, Level III
 Past experience in an industrial environment would be an asset.
 Must have a class 5 Driver’s License.
 Industrial environment experience
 Good communication skills, both verbal and written.
 Good interpersonal skills and a demonstrated ability to work in a team environment.
Relationship and Accountability
 Accountable to the Safety Administrator, or designate.
 Solve interpersonal problems at the lowest possible level.
 Be courteous and polite when dealing with the public and other Team Members.
 Maintain a clean work area. Willing to learn new processes and procedures.
 Work in a safe manner to protect the health and safety of other Team Members.
Standards and Expectations for Performance
 High quality work carried out in a timely manner.
 Ensures that after completion of a job, the job site is left clean.
 Willingness to learn.
 Ability to work safely and follow health, safety and environmental procedures.
 Must be willing to work shift.
 Must be willing to work at heights.
 Be in good physical shape and capable of completing all tasks outlined in the job

How to Apply