Cook (Full Time)


Vihaan's Pizzeria


Job Duties:
• Prepare pizzas according to company techniques and ways .
• Prepare dough , calculate cost and consumption for making pizza .
• Help other cooks , kitchen helpers according to requirement .
• Cook meals , menu including sandwiches , breads , dough , unpack , sauces, stack ingredients accordingly near work station .
• Ensure quality of food , check size of portions , pizzas made.
• Maintain a proper list of ingredients while preparation of doughs for pizza.
• Ample knowledge of Shelf life , Freezer temperature for stocking food items and sauces, vegetables .
• Frequent use of knives and pizza cutters , proper usage of gloves required.
• Clean kitchen area , with other kitchen helpers.
Employer Requirements:
1 to 2 years relevant exp.

How to Apply