Cargo Sampler (Part Time)


Certispec Services Inc.



Certispec Services is a marine inspection company that is Canadian owned and operated. A large part of our business is providing on site supervision, sampling, and quality control for shippers and receivers of cargos that ship product through the Port of Prince Rupert. There are a number of shippers who are actively shipping coal through the Port of Prince Rupert through Ridley Terminals.

Certispec is currently looking for a bright, enthusiastic, and self motivated on-call sampler to assist in sampling duties.


The work is performed on site at Ridley Terminals on behalf of Certispec Services. The incumbent is responsible for transportation to and from the work site (Ridley Terminals) and may be required to operate a motor vehicle on official business.

The work involves on the job training in one or more of the following inspection functions and or sampling activities:

  • Studies and reviews the official standards, regulations, manuals and other instructional materials regarding sampling coal cargos.
  • Receives on the job training in the correct methods for drawing representative sample from lots of coal or other commodities
  • Under supervision, Inspects the general condition of the automated sampling plant used in obtaining representative samples
  • Under supervision, Records on standard forms, information as to kind, quality, and condition of cargo loaded to the vessels and or received into terminal storage (piles)
  • Under supervision, samples the cargo loaded to the vessel and aids in the reduction, preparation, and distribution of the samples to third party laboratories
  • Assists in the cleaning of the sampling areas, sampling plant and related work areas


  • The applicant should have or willing to obtain a valid WHIMs (workplace hazardous materials handling certificate) certificate
  • The ability to learn the official procedures and methods for sampling of coal and similar cargos.
  • Basic math skills are used in the process of regular duties – a minimum High school graduation or greater education is required
  • Possesses a valid class 5 BC drivers licence
  • Possesses the ability to work together as team and by ones self
  • Has excellent interpersonal skills is out going and trustworthy
  • Possesses the ability to think logically and is mechanically inclined


  • The employee works under immediate supervision of a supervisor who will provide detailed and specific instructions on the methods to be used in each phase of the work.
  • The trainee works in strict adherence to instructions given. Assistance is readily available while work is being performed and the employee may consult the supervisor when necessary
  • The work is closely reviewed, being checked while in progress and on completion for adherence to prescribed methods and procedures for proficiency and accuracy.


  • Assignments deal with a variety of clients, products, procedures and equipment. The work and scope of duties will vary according to the nature of the assignment (e.g. sampling product from trains vs. product to a vessel)
  • The volume and speed of loading operations determines the amount of work and the variation of the procedures required.
  • The employee selects the appropriate methods depending on the nature of each assignment


  • The work consists of performing specific functions and procedures in obtaining representative samples used in determining the quantity, general condition, and grade of cargo. The work of the sampler affects the accuracy and reliability of the final determinations and certificates issued by the company. Since commodities are traded based on quantity, and quality the samplers work affects the financial interests of buyers, sellers, shippers, receivers or any other persons or groups having an economic interest in the product.


  • In addition to contacts with fellow employees and management the work includes communication with terminal employees, customer employees and representatives, other inspection agencies, and similar firms.
  • Candidates must be able to present issues and information, orally and in writing, in a clear and credible manner and the applicant should be able to tailor communication to the intended audience.
  • The applicant should be able to act sensitively and respectfully with all individuals and groups in order to develop mutual understanding and productive relationships to enhance quality and service delivery.


  • Phases of the work require moderate to considerable physical demands. Obtaining samples may involve climbing stairways, access ladders, climbing railcars and stockpiles, and climbing into and out of ships holds. The lifting of sample buckets and samples in excess 40 lbs is common place.


  • The work involves regular and recurring work at all hours of the day or night. The work duties are performed in an industrial environment and some work is conducted exposed to the elements (outside) under varying weather conditions.
  • The employee must continually endeavour to conduct themselves in a safe manner and take necessary safety precautions if and when exposed to hazards.
  • As our work is dependant on the schedule of the vessels that call on the port of Prince Rupert, the dispatching of work can be varied as to time and frequency.
  • The successful applicant should have a mobile telephone to aid and assist the company in dispatching and scheduling the employee for work.

Job Type: Part-time

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Job Location:

  • Prince Rupert

Required license or certification:

  • BC Drivers Licence


How to Apply

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