BCEHS Recruitment – EMR, PCP, Drivers (Full Time)


BC Emergency Health Services


Primary Care Paramedic and Emergency Medical Responder Competencies

To be successful, you will require the following skills and abilities

Self Awareness and Self Management:

  • Take responsibility for your own performance and health
  • Reliable, honest, resilient, confident & integrity
  • Actively seek opportunities and challenges for personal learning, character building and growth and take action to achieve your goals
  • Willingness to work through the personal experience of an unsuccessful outcome and be able to learn from it
  • Keep your emotions under control when provoked, faced with opposition or hostility from others, or when working under stress
  • Communicate intentions, ideas and feelings openly and directly and welcome openness and honesty even in difficult negotiations

Thinking Skills:

  • Systematically organize and compare aspects of a problem and determine “if this is done, that that will happen”
  • Identify patterns or connections between situations that are obviously related and categorized by linear thinking
  • Make the best decisions possible with the information available

Engagement and Awareness of Others:

  • Adapt and connect with others to work effectively in a variety of diverse situations with diverse individuals or groups
  • Work collaboratively by valuing the diversity of others and fostering respect and equality in the workplace
  • Encourage team members to cooperate, support each other, share knowledge and expertise
  • Listen well and encourage the open exchange of information and ideas

Required for EMR or PCP Positions:

  • EMR or PCP license
  • Class 1, 2 or 4 Driver’s License
  • Driver’s Abstract
  • Grade 12 or Higher
  • List of stations where they are willing to work (part of application form)

For Driver Only:

  • CPR-C certificate
  • Class 1, 2 or 4 Driver’s License
  • Driver’s Abstract
  • Grade 12 or Higher

Visit www.bcehs.ca/careers for more information


How to Apply

Email: BCAScareers@phsa.ca