Area Representative (Part Time)




We are looking to hire an Area Representative for the supervision of all aspects of operations in the Northern Coastal Area (NCA); supports the activities of the respective site supervisors by providing management support with respect to their daily assignments and tasks; establishes and maintains positive and responsive client relationships to ensure overall operational effectiveness; and leads and facilitates relevant aspects of organization-wide initiatives.

Responsibility #1 Builds and supports high-performance teams through the effective leadership, and management of people:

• Support a productive work environment by setting and communicating a clear vision, outlining goals and developing objectives with the team;
• Provide direct supervision, coaching and mentoring to site supervisors ensuring they have the information, equipment, and support needed to successfully perform their responsibilities;
• Create an environment for positive employee relations by ensuring the fair and consistent treatment of all employees, motivating employees to achieve established goals, taking proactive corrective action, and ensuring compliance with all policies and practices;
• Conduct Investigations, administrative reviews and resolve identified issues as required or assigned.
• Provide direction and guidance by informing, briefing and instructing on policies, procedures and guidelines and ensuring that they are implemented and adhered to;
• Work with Human Resources to ensure the effective recruitment, assignment, transfer when required, and succession planning of employees;
• Identify operational training needs;
• Conduct and document regular meetings and site visits with site supervisors to maintain communication, provide career and administrative support, and to deliver kits, clothing and other required documentation;
• Complete performance (Quality of Service) reviews for site supervisors and commissionaires; and
• Provides ad-hoc shifts in an emergency situation.

Responsibility #2 – Contributes to the successful reputation of the organization by building and maintaining positive client relations.

• Attends client meetings, at the respective management level, to maintain the contract service relationship; discuss requirements, identify client concerns, and to facilitate proactive service delivery;
• Review and facilitate the completion and maintenance of post orders that describe the client’s specifications for the operation and service requirements of a site; and
• Conduct site visits to interact with the client regarding operations overall and to ensure that the delivery of service is in compliance with safety, established standards, and meets all client expectations
• Attend Job Fairs, recruitment fairs and such to actively keep presence in recruitment efforts within Prince Rupert.

• Responsibility #3 – Develops and maintains business processes that support the cost-effective, delivery of Security Solutions/Enforcement operations.

• Ensure the necessary support systems are in place to promote and maintain the wellbeing and morale of employees and satisfaction of clients;
• Develop, standard operating procedures and performance measures ensuring efficient and effective operations, particularly with respect to post orders;
• Ensure that the policies and procedures for the effective administration of all NCA sites are in place and regularly reviewed;
• Conduct follow-up action with respect to ISO reports, and ensuring that all required action has been taken;
• Complete a monthly operations report.

Required Skills, Knowledge & Abilities

• Proactive team leader with excellent problem solving skills
• Excellent communication both oral and written, customer service and conflict resolution skills
• Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills
• Ability to prioritize, multi-task and work under pressure in a dynamic and remote environment
• Proven time management and organizational skills
• Ability to think strategically, act tactically and demonstrate good judgment
• Ability to demonstrate a high level of professionalism, tact and diplomacy
• Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines
• Continuous learner
• Proven ability to take accountability for personal actions and decisions

• Strong computer skills, (Microsoft Office);
• Ability to learn specialized enterprise management system(CEMS);
• Understanding of full sales cycle.

Required Security Clearances
• PWSC and Secret
• Transport Canada Clearance (Port Pass)

Closing Date

Jul 31, 2018

How to Apply

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