Important Updates about Obtaining Canadian Citizenship

Here is some information about changes to the application process for obtaining Canadian Citizenship.

Source Title: Changes to the Canadian Citizenship Act

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Summary of Changes:

  1. Residency Requirement extended to 4 years (1460 days), in which applicants need to physically reside in Canada for a minimum of 183 days for 4 of the 6 years;
  2. Cannot count time as a non-Permanent Resident towards residence for citizenship;
  3. Need to provide proof of one’s “intent to reside” in Canada;
  4. Citizen applicants between 14 and 64 must meet language requirements, pass the citizenship test, and must meet the knowledge requirement in English or French without help of interpreter;
  5. Applicants must file Canadian income taxes to be eligible for citizenship;
  6. You cannot get citizenship if you have domestic and/or foreign criminal charges and convictions;


For more information about the new citizenship application process, or to sign up for individualized tutoring and orientation sessions to help complete the citizenship application or prepare for the citizenship test, please contact Dawn Blake or Glenn Groulx at 250-624-9498 at the Prince Rupert Resource Centre for Immigrants in Prince Rupert.