Dialogues for Diversity – Join the Conversation

Dialogues for Diversity blogging event begins on Monday June 24 and goes till Friday June 28.
Submissions of under 100 words are welcome about the significance of diversity in our community.

Some ideas on what to submit for posting to our community blogging event for Diversity Week:

1. A story of how someone in the community has welcomed you
2. What makes Prince Rupert a wonderful, welcoming community to you
3. Your impressions of Prince Rupert’s diversity
4. Suggestions on how to make our community more welcoming to newcomers
5. Ideas on how to showcase Prince Rupert diverse cultures to visitors
6. Recommendations for possible ways of celebrating diversity in our community
7. Opinions about what makes our community a wonderful place to live
8. Responses to other posts on the blog
9. Thank yous for those who have helped you settle in
10. Suggested Links to other blogs and resources about diversity

Submissions can be sent to Glenn@hseds.ca. The submissions will be reviewed and may be edited for length, and then published to the community blog, Strait Talk.

For more information, please contact Glenn at 250-624-9498.

Theis event is part of the Welcoming Communities Action Plan for the communities of Prince Rupert and Port Edward and is funded through Jobs, Tourism, & Skills Training